Welfare treatment
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1. Eight working hours of five days a week. The extra work is considered as overtime work.

2. Overtime pay: The overtime pay of weekdays is one and a half times as much as the normal work. That is 2 times as much as the normal work and 3 times for holidays.

3. The employee who works for three months with qualified quarterly examination can enjoy quarterly dividend payment welfare of the company

4. The company regularly distributes two rolls of paper towel to the employees.

5. Company’s mess: three meals a day, three dishes and one soup for lunch and supper respectively. Breakfast is variable. The persons who get meals in the plant will be deducted RNB 6 for mess.

6.  The employees who work for one year or more will enjoy related holidays with salary according to Labor Law.

7. The company provides lodging and any deposit is not required for new employee arrival.

8. The company buys social insurance for employees according to social insurance regulations.
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